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Generales Conditions


The present terms of sale are concluded on one hand by the company J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL TAMPICOBAGS® with a capital of 7 622.45 Euro the head office of which belongs to Mussidan (24) FRANCE, registered to the commercial register of Périgueux (24) under the number 378 289 615 (on 1990 B 00184) below called J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com and on the other hand, by every physical or moral person wishing to proceed to a purchase.

The present terms of sale aim at defining the contractual relations between J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL TAMPICOBAGS® – www.tampicobags.com and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made by means of the retail website of J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL -www.tampicobags.com.
The acquisition of the good or the service through the present site implies an unconditional acceptance by the buyer of the present terms of sale.
hese terms of sale will prevail over all other general or particular conditions not expressly approved by J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL -www.tampicobags.com.
J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL -www.tampicobags.com saves to be able to modify his terms of sale at any time.In that case, the applicable conditions will be the one current in the date of the order by the buyer.

Products and offered services are the ones which appear in the catalogue published in the site of J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL TAMPICOBAGS® -www.tampicobags.com.
These products and services are offered within the limits of available stocks.
Every product is accompanied with a description established by the supplier.
Articles proposed in the sale on the present site cannot be resold nor distributed in any way by the buyer.
As such, the present General Conditions of Sale concern, on an exclusive basis, only the not trading physical persons.
It is clarified in this respect expressly that only purchases made on the site “www.tampicobags.com” can benefit from the profit of the present General Conditions of Sale, all the bought articles www.tampicobags.com otherwise than on this site being expressly excluded from the profit of measures stipulated here.

Elements and information presented on this site can contain errors, in particular typographic.
The responsibility of www.tampicobags.com cannot be commit for any inaccuracy or error, no more than for any damage or damage caused by, or resulting from the faith which the user will have trusted in the information obtained on, or through this site in particular, without that this list is restrictive. Because of any photography or any difference of colour, nuance or dimensions between the images shown on the site and the delivered articles. It is of the exclusive responsibility of the buyer to estimate the information, the photos and the other available contents through this site.
This site and the information and elements contained on this site may be modified at any time, regularly and without advance notice nor later information.
www.tampicobags.com articles described on this site is representative available collections. All the article www.tampicobags.com is not however presented on this site. The style, the models and the colours of articles presented on this site may of change at any time .
All the articles exposed on the present site are made in France in the respect for the use the best materials and for the best to know how to make. www.tampicobags.com guarantees the authenticity of all the articles bought through this site. All the articles ordered through this site will be delivered from France.
Articles bought on the present site are subjected in the conditions of statutory guarantees, in particular articles L.211-4, L.211-5 and L.211-12 of the French Code of the consumption as well as articles 1641 and 1648, first paragraph of the Civil French code.
However, the deteriorations arisen following an abnormal use, following a tear, following an accident, following an unsuitable maintenance, or by negligence because of the buyer are not covered .
In any case, the guarantee cannot be superior to the amount of the value of products at the origin of the responsibility of J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL /www.tampicobags.com.

The prices appearing in this site are prices including tax in euro taking into account the applicable VAT in the day of the  order ; any change of the rate can be echoed on the price of products or services.
www.tampicobags.com saves to modify its prices at any time, being however understood that the price appearing in this site the day of the  order will be the only one applicable to the buyer.
The indicated prices do not include the expenses of treatment of orders, transport and delivery.

The buyer, who wishes to buy a product or a service owes necessarily:
– Fill the form of identification on which he will indicate all the wanted address and if you want your phone number
– Fill  the on-line order form by giving all the references of products or chosen services
– to validate its order having verified it
– make the payment in the planned conditions – confirm its order and its payment
The confirmation of the order leads to acceptance of the present terms of sale, the recognition
to have completed it knowledge and the renunciation to take advantage of its own conditions of purchase or of the other conditions.
All the supplied data and registered confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction.
The confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the made operations.
The salesman will communicate by e-mail confirmation of the registered command.

The deliveries are made for the address indicated in the order form.
In case of delay in delivery, J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL / www.tampicobags.com cannot be considered as person in charge.
The buyer is anxious to verify the state of the packaging of the goods in the reception and to indicate the damages due to the carrier.
Products travel at the risks and the dangers of the buyer. Any abnormality concerning the delivery (average, product missing with regard to the delivery order, the damaged parcel, produced broken) must be necessarily indicated in service of the Post office or quite other service provider of delivery by the addressee in the form of complaints (form to be removed in post office). The buyer will have to inform about any complaint J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL / www.tampicobags.com company.
The delivery deadlines are given only as a rough guide, if these overtake thirty days as from the order, the sale contract can be cancelled and the paid off buyer.
The amount of expenses relative to the delivery will be communicated to the buyer during his connection on the present site according to the country of destination as well as models and the number of articles
The deliveries of articles bought on the present site will be entrusted to the services of The Post office or to quite other haulage companies, what the buyer declares to know perfectly and irrevocably to accept.

DELIVERY METHODS: via Colissimo Suivi French Post
DELIVERY RATES: They are calculated automatically when you place your order depending of weight and the country chosen.
You can view the amont in your shopping cart.

Delivery with Colissimo Suivi: 48/72h
Delivery with Colissimo Suivi International, between 3 to 8 days (in fonction of the selected country of delivery)

Delivery with Colissimo Suivi International, between 3 to 8 days (in fonction of the selected country of delivery)
Delivery with Colissimo Suivi International, between 3 to 15 jours (in fonction of the selected country of delivery)
Delivery takes 48 hours (Mondays to Friday) maximum within the limits of stock availability. This period included the time necessary to prepare your order in our workshops in Mussidan (picking, verification, package preparation, packaging, labelling etc…). Your order is then handing to the carrier.
You’ll be notified by e-mail once the parcel is shipped and you’ll receive a tracking number to follow the delivery of you parcel

Right of retraction: any article bought on this site can be paid off in application of the law of retraction planned in the article L 121-20 of the French Code of the consumption.

Any return must be reported beforehand to the Customer Service J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL / www.tampicobags.com. the product must be returned within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from its receipt recommended Colissimo with the original invoice attached, using the procedure described below:

You need only to enter your customer account section:
– Replace the entire article in its original packaging – only articles returns in their original condition will be accepted and reimburdes.
– Return the parcel by Colissimo Suivi to the following address:

4 rue saint agnan
24400 Mussidan

Only the products returned in their original packaging complete, intact, and in perfect condition for resale.
Any product that has been damaged, used, damaged or soiled will not be refunded or exchanged.
This right of withdrawal is without penalty, except the return charges. In the case of the exercise
rights, the buyer has the option of requesting either a refund of amounts paid,
either exchange the product. In the case of an exchange, the return will be at the expense of the buyer.
If the right of withdrawal, J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL TAMPICOBAGS® – www.tampicobags.com will make every effort
Buyer to pay within 7 calendar days.
The buyer will then be paid off by transfer of his bank account ( secure transaction ).
It is stipulated besides expressly that any refund can be made only in the exclusive profit of the buyer having settled the price of the order.

The price is due with the order.
Payments will be made by bank card, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTERCARD,  CARTES DE CRÉDIT and will be realized by means of the system which uses the protocol ENCODING SSL (secure socket layer).
So that the passed on information is coded by a software and so that no third (third party) can acquaint with it during the transport on the network.
Every buyer wishing to place order will have to enter and validate his address, the ordered article and the total price . The buyer will be invited to fill the number of his bank card, as well as the expiry date and the visual cryptogram associated.
The buyer guarantees to the company J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com that he have authorizations possibly necessary to use the method of payment by bank card during the validation of the order form. The J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com LIMITED COMPANY reserves the right to suspend any management of the order and any delivery in case of refusal of authorization of payment by bank card on behalf of the officially accredited bodies or in case of not payment.
The J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com COMPANY reserves in particular the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honour an order emanating from a buyer who would not have settled totally or partially a previous order or with whom a dispute of payment would be in progress  in court administration.
The J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com COMPANY can make a procedure of check of the orders intended to assure that no person uses the banking address and phone number of another person without him/her knowing. Within the framework of this check, it will be asked to the customer to send by fax to J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com a copy of an ID card as well as a documentary evidence of place of residence.
The order will be validated only after reception and check by our services of the sent documents .
The buyer will validate his order by clicking the button ” validate”, so authorizing the immediate debit of the amount of his order.
This validation will be worth conclusion of the sale contract between the parties and will commit them in a irrevocable way, with the exception of the orders that J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL   www.tampicobags.com will always have the power to refuse if they appear to it as suspect and susceptible to be made with the intention of resale, or still if they are made in violation of the present General Conditions of Sale, either concern articles which are not available in stock. J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL /www.tampicobags.com will acknowledge receipt of the order by e-mail from its validation by the buyer.The orders concluded by the buyer are firm and irrevocable, and are subjected to the present General Conditions of Sale SIGNATURE AND PROOF For any payment by bank card made on the present site, the electronic certificate delivered by the administrator of secure data payments will be worth proof of the amount and the date of the transaction occurred , according to the articles 1316 and following ones of the French Civil code. In the respect for these measures, the dates and times of the server will be valid between the Parties. In every case, the validation of the order will be worth signature and express, irrevocable and definitive acceptance of all the transactions made on the present site. J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com will archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and long-lasting support establishing a faithful copy,  according to provisions of the article 1348 of the French Civil code.

This site and its contents are presented “as is” and ” according to the available funds “.
TAMPICO.FR expressly excludes bringing some guarantee whatever nature it, express or implicit, is in particular, without the fact that this list is limitative , brings no guarantee of correspondence or absence of programs pirates (such as viruses, worms , or Trojans)
Nor any guarantee of value or use suited in connection with this site and its contents.
J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com does not assert and does not guarantee that the information contained on this site is exact complete or up to date, nor that this site is exempt from any defect and does not guarantee more the correction of these possible defects. The Buyer agrees, by the simple navigation on this site, to use this site at his only risks and dangers as well as to assume as a consequence the whole responsibility for any loss of usage, loss of data, and the costs incurred in the repairs and in the interventions relatives in any equipment andor software which the buyer would have used to navigate this site and J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com cannot be held as being originally or person in charge in any way for any damage of no sort arisen on the occasion of, caused by or in connection with the use of this site.
J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com cannot be considered as person in charge for any delay or failure in the delivery of articles, as it is expressly stipulated in the present General Conditions of Sale, when these incidents will result, for all or any, from circumstances independent from its will, from its control or from its diligences.
The buyer undertakes to protect, to indemnify and to release from J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com any responsibility , its members and  managers , employees and shareholders, against and for any complaint, damage, expenses, outlays. In particular, without that this list is restrictive, the fees usually practised by the representatives, the lawyers as well as all the legal costs, resulting of or concerning in the use of this site.

All the elements of this site, and site itself, are protected by registered trademark, andor all other intellectual property rights. These elements are the exclusive property of J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com andor its members andor subsidiaries. All these rights is reserved for the whole world.
The name and the brand TAMPICOBAGS®, the logos, the style of the police, the logo, and all the depicted signs on this site are and will remain the exclusive property of J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL / www.tampicobags.com andor its members andor subsidiaries.
Elements contained on this site are only presented for information and in a promotional purpose
It is reminded that this site is only intended for a personal and not commercial use.
It is formally forbidden to the buyer to download or to copy elements of this site otherwise than for his/her personal and not commercial use. No prerogatives and no rights on any element or software will be obtained by download or copies from this site.
It is formally forbidden to the buyer to reproduce (except for his personal use and not commercial use), to publish, edit, pass on, distribute, show, remove , kidnap, eliminate, add, from this site and the elements and software it contains ;
No more than to modify them or to make some work by taking them for base, neither to sell or to participate in any sale in touch with this site, the elements of this site , nor no software accruing to this site.

None of both parties will have failed in its contractual obligations as far as their execution will be delayed, hindered or prevented by a coincidence or a major circumstance. Will be considered as major circumstances or major force any irresistible facts or circumstances, outer the parties, unpredictable, inevitable, independent from the will of the parties,  will be considered as coincidence or and which cannot be prevented by these last ones, in spite of all the efforts reasonably possible.
Both parties will get closer then, within one month, except impossibility due to the case of absolute necessity, to examine the incidence of the event and agree of conditions in which the implementation of the contract will be pursued.
If the case of major circumstances has a duration three-month-old superior, the present General Conditions of Sale can be cancelled by the injured party.
To resume, are considered as cases of absolute necessity or major force , or major circumstances or coincidences, besides those usually used as a criterion by the French civil code:
As the total or partial blocking of the means of transport , earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning, the cessation of the telecommunication networks or the difficulties of the customer private external telecommunication networks .
Besides, J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL – www.tampicobags.com cannot be considered as person in charge of any grave event preventing the smooth functioning of the company.

According to the French law relative to the computing, to the files and to the libertines ( CNIL ) of January 6th, 1978, the information with name specific character relative to the buyers can be the object of an automated treatment.
The buyers can oppose to the disclosure of their address and phone number by indicating it to J.MARTIN TRÉPOINTES SARL www.tampicobags.com.
Also, the users have a right of access and rectification of the data concerning them, according to the law of January 06th, 1978.
The treatment automated by information, including the management of the e-mail addresses of the users of the site were the object of a statement to the CNIL according to the current regulations  for the treatment NS048 concerning the management of customer databases and prospects.
The language of the present General Conditions of Sale is French and the text in French will prevail over quite other text.
In the hypothesis where the one or some of the clauses of the present General Conditions of Sale would be invalid, whatever reason it is in particular at the conclusion of a modification of legislation, or regulations, or by the effect of a decision of justice, it would know how to affect on no account the validity or the effects of the present General Conditions of Sale or the remaining clauses.
The present General Conditions of Sale are governed and interpreted according to the French law, without taking into account principles of conflicts of laws. In this respect, the application of the Agreement of United Nations on contract of international sale of goods is expressly pushed aside by the present and the Parties agree expressly to fall within  the exclusive competence of the French courts any dispute susceptible to arise on the occasion of the interpretation andor of the execution of the present general conditions of sale  or in connection with the present site andor any purchase andor the attempt of purchase by its intermediary.
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